Just how to cancel account. Log on to the network

Just how to cancel account. Log on to the network


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I am publishing this due to the fact nothing is on the website, including in the users area, which provides any indicator of just how to do that – which means this is truly a “for information” post should anyone in the future end up into the situation of experiencing to find the IET web site to try and discover the response, like i did so.

(the place that is only info is posted is within the account conditions and terms evidently).

In line with the account group, contactable through the primary IET switchboard, the only method to cancel your account is in composing – either by post or by emailing.

You will need to consist of your account number when you look at the email/letter and state which you want to cancel your account.

They would additionally as if you to inform them why you are cancelling your account but offered the IET cannot be bothered to incorporate any information about their site about how to cancel a account then you definately are not obligated to offer them reasons.

Hope this might be of assist with some body.

Legh Richardson

My concern could be why do you’re feeling it essential to cancel your account. You can just assume you are desparately in short supply of cash or there is certainly an insurance policy declaration you veremently disagree with. The way that is easiest then to cancel any account just isn’t to restore it. Quite simple actually.

Simon Barker

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Legh Richardson

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